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NEW WORLD-A Series Full automatic square bottom paper bag machine


NEW WORLD-A Series Full automatic square bottom paper bag machine

纸袋机 Product Application:

NEW WORLD-A series full automatic square bottom paper bag machine, with web, drum head card and paper rope as raw materials, one time complete with handle square bottom paper bag, is the ideal equipment for the rapid production of portable paper bags.Such as shopping bags, shoes and clothing packaging bags, gift packaging bags, business bags and other varieties of hand-held paper bags.

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Model New World-A220 New World-A330
New World-A400
New World-A460
New World-A550
Paper Diameter ≤1500mm
Core Inner Diameter         76mm 76mm
Paper Weight 70-140gsm 80-140gsm 80-140gsm 80-140gsm
Paper Bag Width 120-220mm with handle 200-330mm with handle 200-400mm with handle

240-460mm with handle

220-550mm with handle

80-220mm without handle 150-330mm without handle 150-400mm without handle

220-460mm without handle

200-550mm without handle
Paper Tube Length 191-350mm with handle  280-430mm with handle 280-550mm with handle

300-650mm with handle

380-650mm with handle

191-430mm without handle 280-510mm without handle 280-600mm without handle

300-770mm without handle

380-770mm without handle
Bottom Width Of Paper Bag 50-120mm 80-180mm 90-200mm


Machine Speed 150pcs/min 150pcs/min
130pcs/min 100pcs/min
Total Power 32kw 32kw 34kw 34kw 34kw
Machine Weight 13000kgs 16000kgs 18000kgs 21000kgs 22000kgs
Machine Dimensions 12000X5000X2500mm 14000X6000X2500mm

Full Machine Servo Motor Structure

Q1:What kind of this machine can making ?
A1:This machine is mainly for square bottom papaer bag.
Q2:Is the bag size adjustable?
A2:The bag size is adjustable within machine size range.
Q3:what is the packing of the delivery?
A3:Wooden packing.
Q4:How many container we need for this machien ?
A4:According diffent machien size ,machine may loaidng up to 9m in container.
Q5:How to doing the after service?
A5:We support machine working manual,machine install and running video.Support the technician to install and guildance.

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